• fruitomans orange squash

    Orange Squash

    Fruitomans orange squash is enriched by the juices of ripe oranges, this drink can perk up the weari
  • fruitomans pineapple squash

    Pineapple Squash

    Fruitomans pineapple squash is a refreshing drink for all ages. Easy to fix. Relishing to the last d
  • fruitomans lemon squash

    Lemon Squash

    Fruitomans Lemon Squash, pour it, dilute it, stir it with some sugar and drink to your heart's conte
  • Fruitomans passion fruit squash

    Passion Fruit Squash

    Fruitomans passion fruit squash is an excellent cooler in summer, which can also be added to soda, i
  • fruitomans ginger lemon squash

    Ginger Lemon Squash

    Fruitomans ginger lemon squash is a refreshing combo of lemon juice and ginger juice.   <
  • fruitomans triphala squash

    Triphala Squash

    Fruitomans triphala squash is a combination of three berries amla(nellikka), bhibitaki (thaannikka)
  • Fruitomans Pineapple Crush

    Pineapple Crush

    Fruitomans pineapple crush is prepared from the pulp of ripe pineapples, they promise excellent tast
  • fruitomans mango crush

    Mango Crush

    Enjoy the taste and nutrition of real mangoes as it is extracted directly from the pulp of seasonal
  • fruitomans strawberry crush

    Strawberry Crush

    Frutiomans strawberry crush is a refreshing and nutritious drink enriched by the taste of ripe straw
  • fruitomans kiwi crush

    Kiwi Crush

    Fruitomans kiwi crush is a green-hued refreshment which perks you up.   Ingredien
  • Fruitomans Butterscotch Crush

    Butterscotch Crush

    Fruitomans butterscotch crush is an exceptionally tasty and refreshing drink that leaves the soothin
  • Fruitomans Apple Crush

    Apple Crush

    Fruitomans apple crush extracted from carefully handpicked ripe apples, this refreshing drink excels