• Fruitomans Apricot Crush

    Apricot Crush

    Fruitomans apricot crush is a sweet-tangy beverage made from the pulp of crushed apricots. ...
  • fruitomans litchi crush

    Litchi Crush

    fruitomans litchi crush is an refreshing fruit drink. litchis are collected from organic farms by th
  • fruitomans pineapple fruit syrup

    Pineapple Fruit Syrup

    A concetrated extract from ripe pineapples. Pineapples aid in digestion, energy production and build
  • Fruitomans Chocolate Syrup

    Chocolate Syrup

    Rich and chocolatey, it delights both the young and the old! Excellent for preparing milk shakes, pu
  • Fruitomans Dates Syrup

    Dates Syrup

    A delicious drink which is best enjoyed with milk.   Ingredients: Sugar,
  • Fruitomans Pista Syrup

    Pista Syrup

    A rich  tasting green-hued drink replete with nutrients. Rich in vitamin C and E, it safeguards the
  • fruitomans Almond Syrup

    Almond Syrup

    A nutritious drink which can be added to milk or hot water and enjoyed.   Ingredi
  • fruitomans sarsaparilla syrup

    Sarsaparilla Syrup

    A refreshing drink made from the sarasparilla root. It cools down our body during the summer heat an
  • Fruitomans Amla Syrup

    Amla Syrup

    Yet another nutritive drink for the health and well being of your entire family. Ingredie
  • fruitomans rose syrup

    Rose Syrup

    The dark pink, floral flavour of roses  blends with copious amounts of sugar to create the versatil