About us


Late Mr. N.J Thomas

Established in 1957, by the Late Mr. N.J Thomas and his associate Mr. P.S Luckose, Fruitoman’s primarily concentrated on pineapple products, under the guidance of fruit products technologist Mr. Suryaprakash Rao. In the early seventies, Fruitoman’s set up a canning unit at Vazhakkulam in suburban Kochi. Vazhakkulam is renowned as South India’s major sourcing centre for the finest pineapples.

Over the years, Fruitoman’s expanded its product range under stringent quality and hygiene norms developed by the Fruitoman’s research lab at Vazhakkulam. It now consistently supplies an assortment of delicious and nutritious Fruit Products, Pickles, Baking Ingredients and Confectionary compliments to Indian and overseas markets.

The success story of Fruitoman’s is also the history of 59 years of in-depth research and development in fruit processing and manufacturing. New state-of-the-art factory units at various locations has helped Fruitoman’s to expand and become a household name in the country. Today, all Fruitoman’s products are synonymous with quality and absolute value-for-money.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to take our products to global standards in quality and value, by conceiving and implementing the highest parameters in product manufacturing. Our mission is to introduce hi-tech and innovative applications in our production process through diligent research and development, so that our products retain their world class standards.

Message from the Directors

Processing fruits is the art of sustaining the soul of nature itself. Transforming the choicest fruits into tasty fruit products, keeping up their natural qualities and providing them with ample shelf life, are procedures which need to be handled with utmost care. Knowledge and experience, as well as a flawless research and development infrastructure are the key factors that are needed for a successful fruit processing venture. This is what motivates Fruitoman’s to move forward.

At Fruitoman’s, we have always took a firm a stance to stick to the quality and value of our products. This unwavering commitment to high quality norms help us to be the pioneers in the field.

Nowadays, the world is witnessing rapid shifts in preferences for food. People are thoughtfully leaning towards a vegan approach to food. Fruit products and baked food play a prominent role in contemporary menu. Fruitoman’s has substantially contributed to this scenario with a range of fruit products, baking ingredients and confectionary compliments. We, hereby express our obligation to all those who have displayed a delectable yet discerning taste for excellence.

Yes. Life is sweet. Enjoy.

Our Directors

  • Abraham Thomas
  • Kuncheria Thomas
  • George Thomas
  • Tom Thomas